Benefits of Joining SAHA

Patient safety, clinical quality, and regulatory compliance are our member hospitals’ highest priority. SAHA helps achieve excellence through facilitating knowledge sharing and forging strategic partnerships with organizations and agencies to improve patient outcomes, health care efficiency, and cost savings.

Illucient Purchasing Alliance: SAHA’s Joint Venture with the Coastal Carolinas Health Alliance (CCHA)

Over the past few years, mergers and acquisitions have dominated the healthcare headlines.  Last fall, SAHA took a page from the healthcare merger and consolidation playbook and joined with the Coastal Carolinas Health Alliance (CCHA) to combine the purchasing power of both alliances under one entity. That venture, known today as the Illucient Purchasing Alliance, effectively doubles the negotiating footprint of each alliance, providing members of both alliances with a broader and more price-competitive contract portfolio. 

Both SAHA and CCHA remain fully independent with regard to their networking efforts, educational offerings, and governance.  For all practical purposes, the formation of Illucient gives SAHA members the best of both worlds – the small, collegial atmosphere our members value, with the added savings benefits  from being a part of a much larger organization.

Most contracts going forward will be negotiated and marketed under the Illucient banner.  Our current portfolio has over 90 contracts covering several areas of the hospital, including but not limited to finance/revenue cycle, supply chain, nursing, operations, pharmacy, HR, HIM, Lab and IT to name a few.

Contract negotiations on behalf of Illucient are performed by an Operations Committee made up of staff members from both SAHA and CCHA.

Illucient represents 24 hospital systems and 44 facilities covering 34 counties in 3 states! 

 Click to see a map of Illucient's footprint.  And learn more about Illucient Purchasing Alliance at



SAHA College

Register Today to take advantage of these valuable professional development sessions and opportunities for continuing education credits! 

April 25, 2019: The Impact of Virtual ICU Nursing on Sepsis with the eLink Virtual ICU staff from Cone Health

Sepsis is a severe infection often resulting in life-threatening symptoms and even death. The average sepsis readmission costs nearly $17,000. Join the clinical quality informatics staff and educators from the eLink Virtual ICU at Cone Health to learn and share challenges and successes around sepsis care, virtual surveillance and Lean process improvement.

May 8, 2019: True Colors with Elaine Owens of Wake AHEC 

Do you ever wonder why people do the things they do? 'True Colors' is a fun and easy way to recognize personality preferences and anticipate needs. Learn how to avoid roadblocks we encounter in our everyday interactions and improve your communication with others.

May 22, 2019: Environment of Care Programs: Continual Readiness Strategies and Emergency Management Program Preparedness Best Practices with Barb Bisset, Executive Director of WakeMed Emergency Services Institute 

Join us to learn from WakeMed's own Dr. Barb Bisset as she shares lessons learned and best practices to prepare you and your department(s) to respond and recover from emergency/disaster events while also maintaining regulatory compliance.

Saturday, June 29, 2019: Getting Paid for Outpatient Therapy Services with Rick Gawenda of Gawenda Seminars & Consulting

Physical, occupational and speech therapy services continue to be on the audit radar for various Medicare and private insurance carriers medical review entities for documentation, coding and billing issues. This seminar will teach participants the necessary components of documentation to support medical necessity and the skilled nature of outpatient therapy services. 

Click here to access on-demand Webinars Available to SAHA Members



Tuition Partnership Program

Through Pfeiffer University's Partnership Program, SAHA members are eligible to take advantage of tuition discounts when they enroll in the Master of Health Administration or Joint Degree MHA/MBA program. 


For questions about any of SAHA's upcoming events or online education, please call (919)350-2004 or email.

FY 2016-2017 Highlights:


  • SAHA members represent over 4,600 beds, 24 facilities, and more than 38,000 employees!
  • Total savings from SAHA initiatives as of 4th Quarter FY 2016-2017 exceeded $5.2M, with an overall ROI of 6.9.
  • SAHA College held 27 low-cost live education sessions and offered over 110 online audio conference and webinars at no charge to members.









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